First 1 Star review.

Lost Youth: A True Story (Audiobook)I got my first 1 star review today. The anonymous gift giver left no witty remarks, no useful critique, nothing other than the internet equivalent of a flaming turd on my doorstep. They couldn’t even bare to ring the door bell. But does a one star review on performance mean anything? What does it translate to? How do you quantify it? How I could I use that to improve my work? The fact is, I can’t. It’s just a flaming turd on the porch and once the fire goes out, I’ll probably run the hose over the spot where it landed and go on about my day.

I don’t expect everyone to love my work (wait, scratch that. YES, in fact I do) but realistically, statistically speaking, it’s just not going to happen. Do I suck? Maybe. But I did what Mr or Mrs one star didn’t want to do and that is to try. I tried to do my best work and my best wasn’t good enough. It’s bound to get better. And even then, I’m bound to have somebody find fault with it. I’ll hope I don’t get many more but if you’re itching to leave me one, follow the link and buy the book so at least I can get paid for it.

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