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When Author Shaun Webb was preparing to write Lost Youth: A True Story, he was told about a strange prediction about the murder of a 13 year old Waterford Township girl. The murder victim and her friends were at a sleepover, playing with a Ouijia board when one of the girls innocently asked the board if they “would all be friends for ever.” What happened next sent chills down my spine…

The Ouijia board spelled out the letters, IN ONE WEEK, ONE WILL DIE. When the ominous prediction came true just a few days later in the early morning hours of October 31st, 1981, the Ouijia board was immediately destroyed.  The story doesn’t end there but if you’d like to know the rest, sign up for the newsletter at the official website for the newsletter and extra content for Lost Youth: A True Story at Devil’

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Meanwhile, purchase the audiobook here to get a glimpse into the killer’s twisted mind, learn about the sweet young girl who was lost and the story of a mother’s incredible strength and determination in the face of such brutal crimes. You weigh the facts, follow the investigation with police, hear from suspects as well as the victim’s friends in this intimate true crime story that is still shrouded in mystery, even today. Are you brave enough to seek the truth?

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