When Justice Isn’t Just.

In “A Motion For Innocence & Justice For All?” author Shaun Webb delves uncomfortably deep to expose the disturbing details of experiencing our legal justice system. When accused of sexual impropriety with an underage girl, the “system” quickly sucks protagonist “Sean West” into it’s mighty jaws and refuses to let go. The truth of what happened quickly becomes secondary to West’s eventual prosecution and conviction – without a single shred of evidence. Along the way, you’ll meet some shady bait-and-switch lawyers, a slovenly prosecutor with no concept of jurisprudence or the limitations of his position and a judge who not only brings her own bias to the bench but makes a complete mockery of her own courtroom through wild outbursts and unexplained delays. Despite her courtroom antics, she actually falls asleep during critical portions of the trial! What is most astounding of all is, this story is based on actual events.

I found myself surprised and compelled by this emotional story as I produced the audio version and I recommend a listen – because this could happen to you. If you enjoyed the Netflix documentary series titled “Making A Murderer,” HBO’s “The Jinx” or wondered how the OJ Simpson trial could have gone so horribly wrong, you will marvel at our legal system’s baffling mishandling of this case. “A Motion For Innocence & Justice For All” has just been released in audiobook format and is now available on Amazon.com, Audible.com and iTunes.

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