Rave Reviews For Drift & Ramble Podcast

Drift&RambleWagonWheel LogosThe Drift & Ramble Podcast is gaining listeners rapidly. Reviewers are giving it 5 stars.  The podcast features true stories and American legends from the old west with a wry sense of humor, unflinching honesty and a bit of campfire-style storytelling to give each episode it’s own unique flavor. If you haven’t heard the podcast yet, you can find it on iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn or Soundcloud and if you have an iTunes account, you’re encourage to leave a review. Listen and subscribe today! You can help the podcast improve by leaving an honest review and if you have a story to suggest, a favorite western icon or location, please visit the official Drift & Ramble website to submit your suggestions at Driftandramble.com

The Loser Mindset

Loser Mindset Cover ArtI’m very pleased to have had the opportunity to narrate “The Loser Mindset And What It Can Teach Us About Winning.” If you’ve ever wondered what might be holding you back from reaching a life goal, attempting something bold – or how your closet full of old clothes may be blocking opportunity, this book will help you focus on the path towards enlightenment. Author Jon Bet writes about ways to recast yourself with a winning mindset to overcome negative self talk or the influence of toxic people who are standing in your way. If you’re interested in maximizing your potential or you fear Failure and it’s keeping you from reaching your full potential, this book can help you refocus your mind on attaining success and a positive way of interpreting failures. Winning is a way of life and it’s time you start living it. Available on Amazon.com and  Audible.com & iTunes.

Lost Youth Audio Book In Production

I’m super excited to begin work on “Lost Youth” by Shaun Webb.

Lost Youth Cover Art
Lost Youth
Written by:
Shaun Webb
Narrated By:
Steve Blizin

This is a true crime story and a very personal one as well. Shaun’s books can be found here on Amazon.com and many of his titles are in production for Audio Book releases coming soon!

Stay tuned for updates and release notes for this title!