New Audiobook Project: Poor Advice & Other Stories

I Got The Gig, Ma!  I’m super excited to announce my next audiobook project with Lou Gaglia. See what’s been said about it:

In Poor Advice and Other Stories, Lou Gaglia puts the entertainment back in literary fiction. Many of his characters seem laughable and misguided in their fumbling ways, but the reader will come to love them for their heart-warming innocence. You will laugh, you will cry, but mostly you will go away remembering his vivid characters, his spot on dialogue, and his varying modes of conveying the stories in this unique collection, all of which reflect the talents of an outstanding fiction writer.  Can’t wait for the audiobook to come out? Grab a print or kindle copy now!

Poor Advice & Other Stories cover image
Written by Lou Gaglia
Narrated by Steve Blizin