The Loser Mindset

Loser Mindset Cover ArtI’m very pleased to have had the opportunity to narrate “The Loser Mindset And What It Can Teach Us About Winning.” If you’ve ever wondered what might be holding you back from reaching a life goal, attempting something bold – or how your closet full of old clothes may be blocking opportunity, this book will help you focus on the path towards enlightenment. Author Jon Bet writes about ways to recast yourself with a winning mindset to overcome negative self talk or the influence of toxic people who are standing in your way. If you’re interested in maximizing your potential or you fear Failure and it’s keeping you from reaching your full potential, this book can help you refocus your mind on attaining success and a positive way of interpreting failures. Winning is a way of life and it’s time you start living it. Available on and & iTunes.

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